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Recycling is at the heart of what we do here at Curley Skip Hire. As a waste management company, we have a responsibility to the environment, ensuring that all waste that we process is recycled as much as possible.

We make a conscious effort to recycle everything we gather, which results in an average of 80% recycling rate for all materials. That means whatever you put in our skips, as much as 80% will be recycled and repurposed, going nowhere near a landfill site. In doing so, we ensure that we?re doing our part to minimise the nvironmental impact of waste management in the UK. After all, it?s our responsibility to make sure that we make a positive contribution to the environment, so when you hire our services you also showcase your commitment to environment. London sees huge amounts of waste every single day, and we?re doing our part to ensure this has as little negative impact as possible. We also want our operations to have a low impact on the environment, which is why all our processes and practices are tailored around sustainable waste management.

From carefully monitoring our vehicle emissions to using the most efficient recycling processes, we?re committed to reducing our impact on the environment in every way possible.

All our waste management practices are fully compliant with all statutes and laws. Every process we use is fully approved and regulated to ensure we adhere to our commitment of sustainable waste management, helping to protect the environment and reduce pollution as much as possible.

This is good news for businesses operating in London, Surrey, and Kent that have specific recycling requirements. Even though a business can outsource waste collection, they are still responsible for how this waste is disposed. By choosing us, you are showcasing your commitment to recycling. You get the peace of mind knowing that 80% of all waste is recycled by a professional waste management company while hitting all your recycling targets. For individuals hiring our skips and other waste management services, youget the peace of mind knowing your waste won?t be causing a negativeimpact on the environment.

Our recycling process is fast, efficient, and fully regulated. It begins by mechanically processes all waste, extracting metals to begin with. This goes down to the smallest wires in electronics, so nothing is overlooked. After this is processed and sent for recycling, we process the waste once more, this time extracting wood and carboard. These are then turned into chipboard or processed for fuel in power stations. On average, this leaves with just 20% of the original waste we gathered, which is sent to a landfill site.

To ensure our entire waste management process is done responsibly, we employ only regulated and licenced drivers. This allows responsible handing of our vehicles, further decreasing our carbon footprint, while also providing customers with a friendly and knowledgeable point of contact for our services.

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